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Autoclave Shape Features And Functions
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Autoclave is aircraft composite parts manufacturing equipment, widely used in the fuselage, wings, tail, engine nacelle, hatch, fairing, radome and other metal/non-metal bonded components and curing of the resin-based carbon fiber composite parts. Autoclaves of three words image and shape of the main characteristics and functions: "tanks"-the autoclave is the horizontal cylindrical pressure vessels; "hot"-inside the autoclave can provide uniform temperature of 450 deg; "pressure"-inside the autoclave can provide a uniform distribution of more than 20 bar pressure. Autoclave system is a set of temperature, pressure, vacuum and cooling, process parameters such as cycle time, real-time online control system, controlled by the machine, function, it has three major components. Mechanical parts including tanks, floor and car, air flow control device, sealing devices; features include heating, pressure, vacuum, and cooling system control include manual and automatic control system of temperature and pressure.